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San Diego Pricing and Details

San Diego

In San Diego at the Fit Athletic Club (Carmel Mtn), and Poway: All first time students must take one-on-one private lessons, which are conducted 4 days per week, Monday - Thursday.  

For children ages 6 -14 months, lessons are approximately 10 minutes per day for 4-5 weeks. The cost for this is $200 per week.  

For children 14 months – 6 years, lessons are approximately 10 minutes per day for 6 weeks. The cost for this is $200 per week.  

There is an initial registration fee of $75 for the first child, $75 for the second child and $50 for the third sibling.  Once you register, this will secure your time slot.

Age of child:

Survival Series


6-14 months

4-5 weeks

4x/week, M-Th

14 mos-6 yrs

6-7 weeks

4x/week, M-Th


Registration Fees

Lesson Fees

Child 1



Child 2 $75 $150/week
Child 3 $50 $125/week

Fin 2 Swim Group ClassesOnce children finish the initial survival series, they transition to a 25-minute small group setting to further enhance their swimming skills, which allows them to practice what they’ve learned. A small group setting encourages those who are still a touch reluctant to enjoy the water as much as the others in their class. There is an average of 3 - 4 students to a class, with no more than 5 per class.


Sea Monkeys: Parent-participation class, ages 7 months – 2-1/2 years, fun and practice
Stingrays: 4-5 children plus Instructor, ages 2-1/2 – 4 years, fun and practice
Piranha Team: 4-5 children plus Instructor, ages 4-6 years, fun and beginning stroke drills

Age of Child

Sea Monkeys


Piranha Team


7 mos - 2.5 yrs


---- -----


2.5 yrs - 4 yrs ---- 1x/week
4 yrs - 6 yrs ---- ---- 1x/week

We accept registrations at any time during the spring or summer.  In order to secure your place, the sooner you register, the better!  

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Fin 2 Swim graduateRegistration must be received before lessons can begin. Lessons are held at various locations throughout the San Diego area. Please call for details and scheduling information. Contact us

Keri - or

Calvin - 858.837.4801