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Keri Tom :: Training children to swim.

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Instructor Keri

Keri Tom has been happily teaching aquatic survival skills to infants and young children since 1996 and is proud to have founded Fin 2 Swim in 2009. Honored to be a part of the Infant Aquatics team, Keri is always expanding her teaching skills to bring the most progressive and cutting edge techniques to the infant aquatics and special needs community. Keri is the premier aquatic survival specialist for both coasts in the United States - in San Diego, CA and seasonally in the tri-state area of NY. She has trained numerous instructors across the US who also teach aquatic survival and a love of the water, in an endeavor to spread the mission of drowning prevention nationwide.

Keri brings her years of experience, passion for teaching, as well as fun to her lessons. She divides her teaching time between San Diego and New York. Even though she is a resident of San Diego, Keri has been teaching in New York every year since 2002 and has since acquired a mandatory love for the Yankees, rain that’s actually measurable, cannolis, the train, and every conceivable tourist trap in “The City”. She already speaks fast enough, which sometimes leads people to believe she is a native New Yorker who sadly lost her accent. (“What accent? I don’t have an accent!”)

  • Trained in 1996 in Infant and Toddler Aquatic Survival Instruction
  • Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certified
  • Red Cross WSI (Water Safety Instructor) Certified
  • Member of USSSA (United States Swim School Association)
  • USSSA Infant and Toddler Certification
  • Intensive Infant Aquatics Certification as an Instructor Trainer
  • NDPA (National Drowning Prevention Alliance)
  • Educational background in early childhood development